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February 2008

The highlight of this winter was the visit of large numbers of Purple Finches (and very few of House Finches, reputed to be crowding out the Purple Finches).  Purple Finches arrive in poor light but are otherwise easy to photograph: instead of flying away to another branch to peck open each seed, they simply crush it with their big beaks, swallow it and reach for the next one.

Durham, NC  2/28/08

Male Purple Finch

Durham, NC  2/27/08

Male Purple Finches.  Photo taken by Karl D. Gottschalk, image processing by Dorothy E. Pugh

Durham, NC  2/26/08

Yellow-rumped Warbler This Yellow-rumped Warbler hovered below the suet feeder, eventually getting a seed.  

Durham, NC  2/24/08

Pine Warbler

Durham, NC  2/23/08

Male Purple Finch Red-breasted Nuthatch Male House Finch

Durham, NC  2/22/08

Dark-eyed Junco Male Red-bellied Woodpecker  


Female Northern Cardinal

Durham, NC  2/21/08

Female Northern Cardinal

Durham, NC  2/16/08

Carolina Wren  

Durham, NC  2/15/08

Red-breasted Nuthatch Female Purple Finch

Durham, NC  2/14/08

Male Eastern Towhee Male House Finch  

Durham, NC   2/8/08

Hermit Thrush Perhaps the result of predation: feathers and perhaps some other body parts.  This victim seems to have been a raptor.  


Male and female Purple Finches    


Durham, NC   2/6/08

Male Purple Finch

Duke Gardens, Durham, NC   2/5/08

Great Blue Heron with fish Northern Mockingbird  

Durham, NC   2/4/08

Yellow-rumped Warbler American Robin

Durham, NC   2/2/08

Male Purple Finch Female Purple Finch

Durham, NC   2/1/08

Turkey Vulture    

© 2008 Dorothy E. Pugh