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December 2006 Bird Blog

Male Northern Cardinal, Durham, 12/31/06

Female Pileated Woodpecker, Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC, 12/24/06

American Coot, Carolina Beach, NC, 12/21/06.  Note the large, talonlike feet: Unlike ducks and geese, coots do not have webbed feet.

Double-crested Cormorant, Carolina Beach, NC,  12/2106.  Cormorants are not familiar birds, but they are very common in this area.  They fly faster and more directly than other coastal birds.


Cedar Waxwings (left), Carolina Beach SP, 12/20/06 and American Bittern (right), Ft. Fisher, 12/19/06

Brown Pelicans, Fort Fisher State Recreational Area, NC, 12/19/06.  Taken around sunset.

White Ibis, Fort Fisher State Recreational Area, NC, 12/20/06

Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, 12/15/06

Female House Finch, Durham, NC  12/11/06


Female Eastern Bluebird and male American Goldfinch (in transitional plumage), Durham, NC, 12/11/06

Female and male House Finches, Durham, 12/3/06


White-throated Sparrow (left), male Downy Woodpecker (right)

Male Eastern Towhee, Duke Gardens, 11/29/06

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