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Bird Blog:  May 2006

Durham, NC

Male Purple Martin, Durham, 5/30/06


Carolina Wren, 5/20/06 Blue Jay, 5/15/06 Gray Catbird, Durham,

Ocracoke Island (Hyde County, NC)


Dunlin, 5/8/06, north shore.  The black belly patch is the defining characteristic. White Ibis, 5/8/06


Tricolored Herons


Snowy Egrets


Royal Tern in flight, 5/9/06 Royal Terns, perhaps greeting the Hatteras Ferry, 5/9/06. Greater Yellowlegs? 5/9/06 Male Red-winged Blackbird Male European Starling


Tricolored Heron Willet Cattle Egret


American Oystercatcher Spotted Sandpiper Same Spotted Sandpiper Possibly Canada Goose/Greylag Goose hybrid Canada Goose

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, Dare County, NC: 5/7/06

Gray Catbird Snowy Egret Eastern Kingbird.  Thanks to KC Foggin for ID.
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