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February 2007

Two views of a Carolina Wren defending its territory, i.e., our front porch.  Durham, NC, 2/28/07

This month our street especially and some wooded areas nearby were full of Red-shouldered Hawks looking for mates.  We can hear their cries all day.

Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, 2/28/07

Red-shouldered Hawk on sycamore branch, Durham, NC, 2/26/07

Song Sparrow, Durham, NC, 2/26/07

Male and female House Finches, Durham, 2/23/07, in the early morning light

Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Durham, 2/23/07.  This bird saw me trying to photograph it at a distance, so it came over to give me a good look.

Yellow-rumped Warbler, Durham, 2/23/07 (in transitional plumage)

Dark-eyed Junco, Durham, 2/23/07


Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, NC, 2/20/07, was pulling something out of this branch and eating it.

Female Eastern Bluebird, Durham, 2/18/07

Carolina Wren, Durham, 2/19/07

Male Downy Woodpecker, Durham, 2/18/07

Tufted Titmouse, Durham, 2/9/07

Female Northern Cardinal (right), Durham, NC

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