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Sachems   (Atolopedes campestris)

Sachems are sexually dimorphous, which means that the male and female look obviously different.

Courting Sachems

Durham, 9/4/05


Sachem,  Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC, 4/29/06 Sachem, Durham, 6/28/04.   Here are unobscured dorsal views of the left hind wing and the right forewing. Sachem, Durham, 8/22/04.  You can see the dorsal view of the right forewing (note the big black "stigma") as well as the partially obscured dorsal view of the left hind wing. Sachem, Durham, 9/1/04.  Here you can see the ventral side of the left forewing. Sachem, Durham, 9/02/05.  Dorsal view. Sachem, Durham, 10/13/05

Most of these male Sachems are faded:

Sachem, Ventral view of skipper on left. Sachem, Duke Gardens, 7/24/05.  A rare mint-condition individual.


Durham, 7/2/04.  Ventral view. 9/20/04, ventral view, on thistle. NC Botanical Garden, 7/2/05 Durham, 8/15/05 Durham, 8/20/05.  Durham, 7/15/05.  An unusually weather-beaten individual.


Duke Gardens, Orange County, NC, 7/24/05.  Two's a couple, three's a crowd...


Female Sachem, Durham, NC, 10/14/08 Durham, 9/26/05 Penny's Bend, Durham County, NC, 10/15/05 Durham, 11/4/05


Durham, 8/19/03.  Note how the green surroundings turn this skipper's greenish-gray. Durham, 7/2/04, on butterfly bush.  This female appears brown in open surrounding with little or no reflected light. Durham, 8/19/05


Durham, 6/28/04, on white clover blossom.  Here you have a ventral view of the left wing and a dorsal view of the right one. Raulston Arboretum, Wake County, NC, 9/23/05.  9/20/04, Durham. A ventral forewing view.  This Sachem is very faded, with the orange coloring worn off. Durham, 9/4/05


Raulston Arboretum, 9/23/05. Penny's Bend, Durham County, NC, 10/15/05 Female Sachem, Boone, 8/7/06


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