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November 2008 Bird Blog

Durham, NC  11/29/08

Right around 1:55 pm, there was a major feeding frenzy, in which about 10 birds competed for spots at two feeders.  Two, a Tufted Titmouse and a male House Finch, knocked a couple of other birds off perches in the process.  After about 5 minutes, it stopped and the feeders were rarely used from then on.

Young male House Finch Pine Warbler Female House Finch Female Eastern Bluebird Dark-eyed Junco, seen elsewhere in the neighborhood.


Pine Warbler Male House Finch Brown-headed Nuthatch    

Durham, NC  11/28/08

Crows (possibly Fish Crows)  

Durham, NC  11/27/08

Not-quite-mature female Eastern Bluebird         


Pine Warbler  Brown-headed Nuthatch  Yellow-rumped Warbler     

Durham, NC  11/24/08

White-breasted Nuthatch Same White-breasted Nuthatch Northern Cardinal    

Durham, NC  11/22/08

This Tufted Titmouse came right up to the window to check out what was inside, eventually deciding it wasn't that interesting.        

Durham, NC  11/21/08

Male House Finch        

Durham, NC  11/20/08

Eastern Phoebe Killdeer More Killdeers, in a field near my neighborhood swamp

Durham, NC  11/17/08

Chipping Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco.  Winter is here! Black Vulture Red-bellied Woodpecker Tufted Titmouse

Durham, NC  11/16/08

White-breasted Nuthatch  

Durham, NC  11/15/08

Red-bellied Woodpecker Carolina Chickadee and Red-bellied Woodpecker      

Durham, NC  11/14/08

Tufted Titmouse        

Durham, NC  11/13/08

Chipping Sparrows        

Durham, NC  11/12/08

Red-bellied Woodpecker        

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  11/12/08

House Wren (maybe) Same House Wren      

Durham, NC  11/10/08

Red-shouldered Hawk Northern Cardinal      

Durham, NC  11/9/08

Song Sparrow Northern Mockingbird, very bold, coming out in the open to investigate Male Northern Cardinal, giving me a wary look Another view of this Northern Cardinal, peeking at me through the branches  


Turkey Vulture on a power line tower        

Durham, NC  11/2/08

Tufted Titmouse        


Copyright © 2008 by Dorothy Pugh.  All rights reserved.  Please contact for rights to use photos.

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