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December 2008 Bird Blog

Lake Crabtree County Park, Wake County, NC  12/28/08

This was an unusually mild day, with highs in the 70s.

Immature Bald Eagle Great Blue Heron Ruby-crowned Kinglet    

Durham, NC  12/28/08

Male House Finch

Durham, NC  12/26/08

Except for the American Goldfinch, all of the below birds arrived during a feeding frenzy from 11:30 to 11:39 am.

Nothing says post-Christmas/post-Hanukkah gloom like a winter American Goldfinch! Red-bellied Woodpecker Female Eastern Bluebird White-breasted Nuthatch Male Downy Woodpecker


Yellow-rumped Warbler Tufted Titmouse Female House Finch  

Durham, NC  12/25/08

Male Eastern Bluebird  

Edenton, Chowan County, NC  12/20/08

Pale Mallard Male and female Mallards Female Mallard Male Mallard  


Ring-billed Gull in flight Young Ring-billed Gull      

Elizabeth City (downtown), Pasquotank County, NC  12/20/08

Some members of various domestic goose breeds hung out with some Ring-billed Gulls at a downtown park, then departed in an orderly manner.  We saw hybrids of Pomeranian Geese, some varieties of Chinese Geese (domesticated descendants of the Siberian Swan Goose, Anser cygnoides), what seemed to be hybrids of the two, and a few white Embden Geese (Emdener Gans).   Although all of the geese stayed together in a large group, they sought out those looking most similar to them when they swam away.

No guarantees about correctness of breed ID made here! 

A Ring-billed Gull briefly flew next to some Chinese Geese Here, six Chinese Geese are focused on eating something.  At least two have black bills and at least one has an orange bill.      


Here you see an unorganized mix of species members: Chinese Geese, Pomeranian Geese and Embden Geese.  The two Greylag Geese are unusually light-colored. After a while, the geese started sorting themselves out, although it appeared that the dark-billed Chinese Geese felt comfortable with the white Embden Geese. A group of Pomeranian Geese formed.    


The darker Pomeranian Geese are beginning to consolidate. Here, the darker Pomeranian Geese have closed ranks at the front. Maybe a Chinese Goose/Pomeranian Goose mix    

Elizabeth City (outskirts), Pasquotank County, NC  12/20/08

Yellow-rumped Warblers

Durham, NC  12/17/08

American Robin Male House Finch Female House Finch    

 Durham, NC  12/14/08

Female Downy Woodpecker Male Downy Woodpecker Male Eastern Bluebird    

Durham, NC  12/13/08

Brown-headed Nuthatch.  Nuthatches are at home on vertical surfaces.  

Durham, NC  12/8/08

Carolina Wren Brown-headed Nuthatch Female House Finch    

Durham, NC  12/5/08

Male Eastern Towhee Female Eastern Towhee      

Durham, NC  12/1/08

Two views of a Red-shouldered Hawk        

Copyright © 2008 by Dorothy E. Pugh.  All rights reserved.  Please contact for rights to use photos.

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