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Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve, Moore County, NC

Weymouth Woods is actually a state park in Southern Pines, on the western edge of Fort Bragg.  It has two basic habitats: 1) pine barrens and 2) broadleaf forest.  For directions (and to zoom in the place to see what it really looks like), consult this live map.  An extra bonus: some scenes from Pinehurst, a neighboring community (since that's where an Eastern Fox Squirrel showed up).


Pine Barrens Gentian, which is federally- and state-listed (G3 and S3). http://www.pinelandsalliance.org/ecology/plants/herbaceous/pinebarrengentian/ Same Pine Barrens Gentian with female Zabulon Skipper Same Pine Barrens Gential with same female Zabulon Skipper Barklouse Wildflower with barklouse


Carolina Ironweed Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver Same Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver Oak leaf Eastern Phoebe


Pine Warbler Pselliopus cinctus Same Pselliopus cinctus Snail Wasp (Campsomeris genus)


Wasp (Campsomeris genus) White-breasted Nuthatch      


American Lady Partridgeberries Leaffooted bug Tachinid fly Water striders (Rhagovelia choreutes)


Painted Lady (actually seen in downtown Southern Pines) Crab spider Wasp (Campsomeris genus) Bee and wasp (Campsomeris genus) Aster



I'm probably the last person to know, but Weymouth Woods has an established population of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, no doubt due to their efforts.  Still, it was pretty exciting to see one of these endangered birds and photograph it!

Red-cockaded Woodpecker (Picoides borealis) Same Red-cockaded Woodpecker Same Red-cockaded Woodpecker Pine Barrens Gentians (Gentiana autumnalis) Pine Barrens Gentian


Sleepy Orange on Carolina Ironweed Red-cockaded Woodpecker Chinese Mantis Ichneumon wasp  

Scoliid wasp (Campsomeris plumipes) Carolina Ironweed      


Female Meske's Skipper, anomalous in not appearing on a flower.  ID confirmed by Harry LeGrand. Southern Pearly Eye Sandhill Chaffhead, popular with Clouded Skippers especially Field Cricket Tiny skipper.  Harry LeGrand thinks it might be a Dun Skipper.

Luna Moth caterpillar, about six inches long.  Photo taken by Karl Gottschalk. Checkered skipper Crab spider Dark Fishing Spider, landed on my map Rosy Camphorweed (Pluchea rosea) buds


Meske's Skipper on  Scaly Blazing Star? Same Meske's Skipper from another angle Sleepy Orange (winter form) Leaffooted Bug  

Fiery Skipper Bee or wasp Sandhill Chaffhead



All of the insects in this row were airborne.

Tiny scarab beetle, about 3 or 4 mm long Filmy Dome Spider Stonefly, about 10 mm long Aphid  

March 22-23, 2009

Pine Warbler, near bird feeder behind the Visitor Center, 3/22.  Note the banded leg. Hermit Thrush, deep in the woods, 3/23      


This wasp (Campsomeris genus, Scoliidae family) was one of many that landed on the sandy trail and seemed to be digging around, 3/22 A large snail, 3/23 Leaffooted bug    

Pinehurst, Moore County, NC


Brown Thrasher, looking back Same Brown Thrasher, which was apparently warning all the birds about me Long-leaf Pines    



This Eastern Fox Squirrel seemed to move more slowly than Gray Squirrels, and climbed a tree rather laboriously.  Note the very long tail.        

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Weymouth Woods: Go west (left) from the "A" and make your first right.  Follow this to the parking lot of the Visitor Center, which is due north of the "A".

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