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Red-shouldered Hawks (Buteo lineatus)

Starting in the winter of 2007, our Durham neighborhood was filled with Red-shouldered Hawks either mating or trying to mate.   Nearly every day we heard the cries of these hawks, and a typical walk around the neighborhood involved at least one sighting.   This page shows some hawks, mostly from from 2006 and 2007. 

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Subadult Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, NC, 7/5/07.  He was sitting on top of a telephone pole. Adult Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, NC, 12/24/11


Red-shouldered Hawk on sycamore branch, Durham, NC, 2/26/07

Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, NC, 3/7/07

Red-shouldered Hawks mating, Durham, NC, 3/7/07


Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, NC, 2/20/07, was pulling something out of this branch and eating it.
Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, 1/30/07.  Karl D. Gottschalk took the first two pictures when the hawk was waiting by the birdfeeder in the front yard; Dorothy E. Pugh took the photo on the right after the hawk had flown some distance.


Red-shouldered Hawks, Durham, 1/23/07.  These hawks took a break from their mating ritual to take a look at the photographer. 


Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, NC   9/17/06.   I heard the repeated cries of this bird out in front of my house and went out to get pictures.

Red-shouldered Hawk, Durham, 12/15/06

Juvenile Red-shouldered  Hawk, Durham, 3/27/05, a visitor to the birdfeeder area in my back yard.  I've also seen one hanging around White-Throated Sparrows in the woods.  ID thanks to Bill Clark of Harlingen, TX.

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