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Crossline Skippers (Polites origenes)

Although these skippers are considered to be common around here, I had to go to a Texas site at http://community.webshots.com/album/128770570tCAfnd/1 to be confident of some of my identifications.  I think this is the hardest grass skipper to identify because of its many variations.  Some commentary on identification problems is found at http://www.carolinanature.com/butterflies/polites.html.  

Crossline Skipper, Ocracoke, Hyde County, NC, 5/11/06


Crossline Skipper, Jordan Lake, Chatham County, NC, 9/3/06


Crossline Skipper, Durham, 6/4/05.  I agree with Randy Emmitt and Jeff Pippen that this is a Crossline Skipper.  The chevron-shaped pattern of spots on the hindwing is barely visible. Crossline Skipper, Male, Little Scaly Mountain, Macon County, NC, 8/11/05. Crossline Skipper, Johnston Mill Nature Preserve Crossline Skipper, Penny's Bend, Durham County, NC, 9/20/05


Crossline Skipper, Duke Forest, Gate 12, Durham, 9/29/05 Crossline Skipper, Penny's Bend, Durham County, 9/10/05.  Thanks to Will Cook for ID. Crossline Skipper, Eno River SP, Old Cole Mill Road access, 6/11/05.   Thanks to Will Cook for ID.  This very worn classic Little Brown Job presented a significant ID challenge! Crossline Skipper, Same day and place.  Thanks to Will Cook for ID.  This was a toughie because all the wrong wing sides were showing.


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