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September 2016

Durham, NC 9/30/16

Barred Owl (Strix varia) Monarch caterpillar Another Monarch caterpillar Clouded skipper on Ironweed Barred Owl

Durham, NC 9/29/16

Female Northern Cardinal Clouded Skipper Jumping spider Leafcutter bee Another leafcutter bee


Viceroy Same Viceroy Yellow-collared Scape Moth Moth on goldenrod  

Durham, NC 9/28/16

Chalcid wasp (Brasema genus, Eupelmidae family) on a cattail leaf Cattail Caterpillar Moth (Acronicta insularis) Green Treefrog Another Green Treefrog Green Treefrog


Northern Mockingbird Nursery web spider on Common Boneset Pearl Crescents Seed Tachinid fly (Trichopoda genus) on smartweed


Variegated Fritillary on Pickerelweed Ocola Skipper      

Jordan Lake, Chatham County, NC 9/26/16

The most surprising discovery was a group of water scavenger beetles, apparently trapped by viscous water and some large debris, in the stream leading from the lake in the direction of the pond. A recent rain had brought this water, but the remaining mud apparently restricted their movement, causing them to get stuck on their backs and clustering around a fallen branch.

Cloudless Sulphurs Cloudless Sulphur on Purple False Foxglove Fritillary wing Red-spotted Purple Whitemouth Dayflower


Water scavenger beetles in the stream, getting turned over Water scavenger beetles, close-up of those turned over Water scavenger beetles, some turned over Water scavenger beetle in the lake, moving smoothly  


Fungi Another type of fungi Purple False Foxglove Where the lake meets the stream leading toward the pond Another view of the stream


Toad bug #1 Toad bug #2 Toad bug #3 Long-jawed orb weaver Least Skipper


Water scavenger beetles, all on their backs, One water scavenger beetle, separated from the group but still on its back Osprey Water scavenger beetle (Tropisternus collaris)  


Cloudless Sulphur Great Egret Jumping spider


Wolf spider Another wolf spider      

Durham, NC 9/23/16

American Toad Gray Hairstreak Plant bug (Neurocolpus genus) Downy Woodpecker Silver-spotted Skipper


Spotted Cucumber Beetle Stink bug Water striders Orb weaver (Neoscona genus) Mite


Downy Woodpecker Snout-nosed Weevil      

Durham, NC 9/22/16

Another Green Treefrog Female Eastern Bluebird Same female Eastern Bluebird Snowberry Clearwing Moth        

Jordan Lake, Chatham County, NC 9/18/16

Walnut Lace Bug (Corythucha juglandis), not at the lake, but nearby Rove beetle larva Toad bug Water scavenger beetle larva and worm Water scavenger beetle larva with prey


Wolf spider with spiderlings Mystery fly Fly with prey Not sure... Water scavenger beetle larva (note mandibles) with worm.


Crambid moth Tiny caterpillar eating a tinier plant Bug nymph Same bug nymph Tiny bug on skinny grass


Ground beetle larva Another rove beetle larva with butterfly wing Probably a water scavenger beetle; the dorsal stripes are obscured by mud. Same aquatic beetle Same aquatic beetle


The same water scavenger beetle larva mentioned above Gemmed Satyr Male Eastern Amberwing    

Durham, NC 9/18/16

Green Treefrog        

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill, Orange County, NC 9/16/16

Juvie Ruby-throated Hummingbird Same juvie ruby-throated Hummingbird Same juvie ruby-throated Hummingbird Same juvie ruby-throated Hummingbird Same juvie ruby-throated Hummingbird


Cloudless Sulphur Horace's Duskywing Pearl Crescent Goldenseal Treehopper (Acutalis tartarea)


Rhopalid bug (Harmostes fraterculus) Large Orb weaver (Neoscona genus) Same large orb weaver (Neoscona genus) Tiny orb weaver Orchard Spider


Pselliopus cinctus assassin bug attacking ladybug beetle Same Pselliopus cinctus      

Durham, NC 9/14/16

Common Green Darner in flight Common Buckeye Sleepy Orange Flower fly (Ocyptamus genus) hovering. ID thanks to Bill Dean. Green Treefrog


Same flower fly as above (Ocyptamus genus) hovering Flower fly (Toxomerus genus) Teneral female Common Whitetail Northern Cricket Frog Mystery fly


Honeybee on smartweed Pearl Crescent Rambur's Forktail Silver-spotted Skipper Red-banded Hairstreak


Two-lined Froghopper Wasp Dew-laden web    

Durham, NC 9/13/16

Mating Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetles Drone Fly on Pennsylvania Smartweed Common Buckeye Dew-laden down Leaffooted bug nymph on smartweed


Blue Dasher with bent abdomen Northern Cricket Frog Conehead bush cricket (Conocephalus genus) Leafhopper Male Eastern Pondhawk


Rabbit Silver-spotted Skipper and carpenter bee Virginia Hoverfly Dew-laded spider web Green Treefrog

Prairie Ridge Ecostation, Raleigh, Wake County, NC 9/10/16

American Bird Grasshopper Common Buckeye Carolina Saddlebags Mystery fruit Gulf Fritillary


Monarch Another Monarch Sleepy Orange Sleepy Orange (dorsal view) Variegated Fritillary


Variegated Fritillary Wasp (Scolia dubia) White Morning Glories Pinkish White Morning Glory  


Moon Sunset      

Durham, NC 9/9/16

Orchard Spider, perhaps pregnant female Another Orchard Spider Rice Stink Bug Ambush bug on Common Boneset Eastern Tailed-blue


Spotted Cucumber Beetle Red-headed Bush Cricket Pearl Crescent Katydid Aphid


Tiny jumping spider (young Phidippus aurantius?) Same jumping spider White Morning Glory Mystery wildflower (tiny)  

Durham, NC 9/8/16

Appalachian Brown (Copes?) Gray Treefrog Jumping spider (Phidippus genus) in "nest" in field Jumping spider Crab spider


Female Bowl-and-doily Spider Female Bowl-and-doily Spider Male Bowl-and-doily Spider Caterpillar Flower fly (Toxomerus genus)


Fork-tailed Katydid Black-bordered Lemon Moth Rice Stink Bug Same Rice Stink Bug Same Rice Stink Bug

Durham, NC 9/7/16

Common Buckeye on Pickerelweed leaf Same Common Buckeye, which moved to the grass Green Treefrog    

Durham, NC 9/6/16

Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Red-spotted Purple Green Treefrog Northern Cricket Frog Dogday Cicada, which fell in the street but eventually flew away


Southern Pine Sphinx moth caterpillar (Lapara coniferarum) Eggs and a recently hatched larva Ocola Skipper Wasp Northern Cricket Frog


Mating Fiery Skippers Snowberry Clearwing Moth headed toward Pickerelweed Same Snowberry Clearwing Moth    

Durham, NC 9/5/16

Pearl Crescent Same Pearl Crescent Same Pearl Crescent Male Fiery Skipper  

Durham, NC 9/4/16

Red Admiral        

Durham, NC 9/3/16

Appalachian Brown Sleepy Orange Jumping spider (Phidippus genus) Tiny green beetle Silver-spotted Skipper


Red-headed Bush Cricket Male Fiery Skipper Flowering Dodder    


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail American Goldfinch Maybe a Crossline Skipper Common Buckeye  

Durham, NC 9/1/16

Giant water bug (Belostoma genus) Horse flies seeking sap on a Loblolly Pine Same horse flies Toad bug Same Toad Bug illustrating camouflage


Water strider (Trepobates genus) Same water strider Red-spotted Purple Same Red-spotted Purple Little Yellow


Northern Cricket Frog Another Northern Cricket Frog Least Skipper on Seedbox Blue Dasher Male Eastern Amberwing


Orb weaver (Micrathena gracilis) Another Micrathena gracilis Same Micrathena gracilis Tiny ground beetle Blue-gray Gnatcatcher


Female Great Blue Skimmer        


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