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November 2018


Durham, NC  11/30/18

Red-bellied Woodpecker Juvie Red-headed Woodpecker American Robin eating berries Aphid Another aphid


Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Jumping spider (Paraphidippus aurantius, male) Another jumping spider (Paraphidippus aurantius, male) Jumping spider (Hentzia palmarum) Orb weaver (Araneus miniatus)


Recently molted spider, maybe a Clubionidae family member Same spider Tiny wasp Same tiny wasp Another tiny wasp

Durham, NC  11/27/18

Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Young jumping spider (Paraphippus aurantius) Orb weaver    

Durham, NC  11/26/18


Durham, NC  11/23/18

Hermit Thrush Mistletoe Mock Strawberry (Duchesnea indica) flower Mock Strawberry (Duchesnea indica) fruit Song Sparrow


White Heath Aster      

Durham, NC  11/19/18

American Lady Male Autumn Meadowhawk Bearded Beggarticks (Bidens aristosa)   Leaf beetle (Paria quadrinotata)


Eastern Brownsnake Green Lynx Spider Jumping spider (Hentzia) Another jumping spider (Hentzia) A third jumping spider (Hentzia)


Jumping spider (Phidippus genus) Eastern Phoebe      

Durham, NC  11/17/18

Japanese Maple Leafhopper (Japananus hyalinus).  ID thanks to Ken Wolgemuth Jumping spider (male Pellegrina proterva) Tiny jumping spider Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle larva  

Durham, NC  11/16/18

Sea Myrtle (Baccharis halimifolia) flowers Sea Myrtle (Baccharis halimifolia), mostly seedheads Pennsylvania Smartweed Common Sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus) Green Stink Bug


White Heath Asters or Hairy White Oldfield Asters (Symphyotrichum pilosum) Yellow-rumped Warbler      

Durham, NC  11/8/18

Antmimic jumping spider (Synemosyna formica) with wasp prey Same spider and wasp Same spider and wasp Assassin bug (Zelus genus) Tiny beetle


Crab spider (Synema parvulum)        

Kenner, Jefferson Parish, LA  11/6/18

Fish sculpture outside Fisherman's Cove and Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar restaurants Male House Sparrow Southwest Airlines airliner, one of many that flew overhead Common Starling  

Algiers, LA  11/5/18

Airliner Church House Houses Cormorants pestering gull at ferry landing


Great Egret        

Riverwalk, New Orleans, LA  11/5/18

An antique seen on Royal Street, actually Canal Street American Crow eating date palm seeds Same crow


Harrah's and the Aquarium Former JAX Brewery, now a shopping center Marriott and Sheraton Hotels Owl Butterfly Painted portraits for sale off Jackson Square



New Orleans Botanical Garden, LA  11/4/18

Female Fiery Skipper Gulf Fritillary Another Gulf Fritillary Long-tailed Skipper Another Long-tailed Skipper


Monarch Another Monarch Pablo Casals' Obelisk, by Arman Sidewalk leading to the street  

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA  11/4/18

The colorful remains of the previous night's excesses, before the streetsweepers swing into action A very high concentration of Mardi Gras beads here      

Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, LA  11/3/18

American White Pelican Same American White Pelican Zebra Babirusa Mystery bird


Checkered skipper Long-tailed Skipper Same Long-tailed Skipper Marabou Stork Ostrich


Patagonian Cavy Spider Monkey Another Spider Monkey Spider Monkey Two Spider Monkeys


Spider Monkeys Straw-necked and/or Sacred Ibises Juvie Swamp Deer Swamp Deer  

New Orleans, LA  11/3/18

Northern Mockingbird Same Northern Mockingbird      

Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA  11/2/18

American Crow calling Black-bellied Whistling Ducks Checkered skipper Long-tailed Skipper Male Mallard-American Black Duck hybrid


Muscovy Duck        

New Orleans, LA  11/2/18

Sculptures on the Riverwalk Another view of the sculptures Steamboat whistle steam    

New Orleans, LA  11/1/18

Gulls Male House Sparrow House Sparrow pair Royal Street Trumpet player and fans in front of St. Louis Cathedral

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