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November 2014

Durham, NC  11/30/14

Red-shouldered Hawk Jumping spider (Thiodana sylvana), about 3 mm long      

Durham, NC  11/27/14

Two local businesses, both in modernist style buildings        

Durham, NC  11/24/14

Jumping spider (Eris militaris) Jumping spider (Thiodana sylvana) Pygmy grasshopper Growth on a Northern Brownsnake Same growth

North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro, NC  11/11/14

Red River Hog (Potamochoerus porcus) With another Red River Hog Red River Hog Late instar Spined Assassin Bug (Sinea diadema) nymph, heavily focus-stacked Giraffe and zebras
View of the lake from the bridge. This is a 7 MB composite of six photos.        

Three-photo composite of lake (5.05 MB)        

Durham, NC  11/8/14

Jumping spider (Thiodana sylvana) Another Thiodana sylvana jumping spider Running crab spider (front view) Asters in their "needle" form, maybe Bidens genus Northern Brownsnake

Wolf spider (Tigrosa georgicola). ID thanks to Chao "Jimmy" Wu. Red Maple leaves      

Durham, NC  11/7/14

Cabbage White Jumping spider (Thiodana sylvana)      

Durham, NC  11/5/14

Cabbage White Ocola Skipper on White Heath Asters Flower fly (Toxomerus genus) Spotted Cucumber Beetle Fiery Skipper

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