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July 2015

Durham, NC  7/31/15

Young Gray (Copes?) Treefrog Ambush Bug nymph      

Durham, NC  7/30/15

Male Zabulon Skipper Paper wasp and some tiny flies Turkey Vulture Fiery Skipper on Lantana Planthopper Parasite Moth (Fulgoraecia exigua) caterpillar

Least Skipper Egg mass      

Durham, NC  7/28/15

Green Treefrog Barklouse      

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  7/27/15

Appalachian Brown Horace's Duskywing Sleepy Orange Northern Pearly Eye Red Admiral

Meadow Beauty Meadow Beauties Rose Pink (Sabatia angularis) Male Widow Skimmer Skipper

A worn Red Admiral Another Red Admiral      

Durham, NC  7/27/15 (Third Fork Creek Trail)

Teneral Great Blue Skimmer        

Durham, NC  7/24/15 (the marsh, evening)

Ambush bug nymph Another ambush bug nymph Rice Stink Bug Insect eggs Rambur's Forktail

Durham, NC  7/24/15 (the marsh, evening)

Ambush bug nymph Crane fly Acanaloniid planthopper Scudderia genus katydid Arabesque orb weaver

Jordan Lake (east of 751), Chatham County, NC  7/24/15

Red-spotted Purple Same Red-spotted Purple Two Red-spotted Purples apparently seeking sap Same Red-spotted Purples Duskywing

Mating grasshoppers Male Great Blue Skimmer Ground beetle Horse fly (Tabanus atratus) Orb weaver (Mangora genus)

Red Admiral Robber fly (Diogmites genus) Robber fly (Promachus genus) Blue Dasher  

Robber fly (Diogmites genus) with wasp prey Silver-spotted Skipper Same Silver-spotted Skipper St. Andrew's Cross Toad bug

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on a Common Buttonbush Another Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, also on a Common Buttonbush Ichneumon wasp Some of a large group of water striders (Trepobates genus) on the lake Four of the Trepobates genus water striders

Two Red-spotted Purples seeking sap        

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/23/15

Female Zabulon Skipper Male Zabulon Skipper Swamp Milkweed Beetle Wolf spider with spiderlings St. John's Wort

North Carolina Museum of Art grounds, Raleigh, Wake County, NC  7/17/15

Common Buckeye Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Same Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Orange Sulphur Male Sachem

Painted Skimmer Great Blue Heron      

Prairie Ridge Ecostation, Raleigh, Wake County, NC  7/17/15

Common Buckeye, on Rattlesnake Master Another Common Buckeye, on Mountain Mint Variegated Fritillary Another Variegated Fritillary Leafhopper (Oncometopia genus) nymph

Painted Skimmer Aphids and their exuviae Horace's Duskywing A Common Buckeye on Mountain Mint Green June Beetle

Florida Yellow Bladderwort flower Mating Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetles      

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill, NC  7/16/15

Delta Flower Beetles mating Green Anole Ailanthus Webworm Moth Blue Dasher  

Delta Flower Beetle Gray Hairstreak Green Frog (partially submerged, in the aquatic plant exhibit) Hog Peanut flowers (in the wooded trail outside the gardens) Micrathena sagittata

Lamb's Ears Pipevine Swallowtail Spot-winged Glider (Pantala hymenaea) Fowler's Toad Wasp and Ailanthus Webworm Moth on Rattlesnake Master

Tachinid flies Wasp Another wasp Watershield flower Pipevine Swallowtail Mullein Foxglove (Dasistoma macrophylla)

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/15/15

Red Admiral Ichneumon wasp Male Great Blue Skimmer    

Jordan Lake Gamelands (east of 751), Chatham County, NC  7/12/15

Assassin bug (Pselliopus cinctus) nymph with two acanaloniid planthopper nymphs Toad bug Male Eastern Pondhawk Robber fly  

Male midge Amber on a pine tree Antmimic spider (Castaneira longipalpa) Spined micrathena Female Great Blue Skimmer  

Robber fly Fish apparently attacking a water boatman. Yes, this type of predation is apparently well-known, according to a guide by  the Missouri Department of Water Conservation. A Horace's Duskywing and an Ailanthus Webworm Moth on a Common Buttonbush composite flower  

Fly, aquatic snails and other forms of life Clamshells, possibly showing human intervention Eastern Tailed-Blue, with spider exuvia The lake itself  

Jordan Lake Gamelands (west of 751), Chatham County, NC  7/12/15

Sunflower Leafhopper Slaty Skimmer Long-legged fly Another Slaty Skimmer      

Female Great Blue Skimmer Red Admiral Same Red Admiral Grasshopper making itself at home on this leaf  

Durham, NC  7/11/15

Broad-nosed weevil, maybe an Asiatic Oak Weevil Red-headed Bush Cricket      

Durham, NC  7/10/15

Wasp attacking a horse fly        

Jordan Lake Gamelands (east of 751), Chatham County, NC  7/8/15

Southern Bee Killer, a robber fly (Mallophora orcina) with bumblebee prey Same Southern Bee Killer Horace's Duskywing? Note the little flower (unable to ID). Teneral Eastern Pondhawk Adult male Eastern Pondhawk (with some teneral green on his head.)

Fowler's Toad Ground beetle Horace's Duskywing on unidentifiable flower Entrance to a bumblebee nest Bumblebee

Toad bug, well-camouflaged Teneral Widow Skimmer in flight Slaty Skimmer in flight Trees/bushes in Jordan Lake Spider wasp

Teneral male Common Whitetail Male Great Blue Skimmer The pond connecting with Jordan Lake Water Primroses in the pond  

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/6/15

Male Basilica Spider        

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/5/15

Bee fly Hackberry Emperor Same Hackberry Emperor Grasshopper nymph Dead Eastern Amberwing

Flower longhorn beetle Praying Mantis Grasshopper nymph Snout moth Shield-backed katydid

Rose Mallow, in the Hibiscus genus Pearl Crescent Weevils Silktree  

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher with prey        

Durham, NC  7/4/15

Eastern Gray Squirrel Flower longhorn beetle (Typocerus velutinus) Orchard Spider American House Spider Longhorn beetle caught in web

Durham, NC  7/1/15

Jumping spider (Phidippus genus) Leafhopper nymph (Coelidia olitoria)      

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