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July 2014

Durham, NC  7/31/14

Leafhopper Little Glassywing Pearl Crescent and Black-eyed Susans Delta Flower Beetle on goldenrod  

Karl Male Blue Dasher A Megachilid bee Carolina Satyr  

Durham, NC  7/30/14

A crab spider (Misumessus oblongus). Note the bunch of silk in front and the line of silk behind. Chipping Sparrow Flatid planthopper Squash bug (Anasa tristis)  

Durham, NC  7/29/14

Aquatic snail, swimming on its back and touching the water's surface. Blue Dasher      

Durham, NC  7/28/14

Leafhopper nymph Sac spider (Clubionidae family)      

Durham, NC  7/27/14

Appalachian Brown Clouded Skipper on a hibiscus flower      

Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC  7/25/14

American Lady in a Salem College garden Spot-winged Glider (Pantala hymenaea) in an Old Salem vegetable garden Female Sachem Mexican Bean Beetle (Epilachna varivestis) in an Old Salem vegetable garden  

Song Sparrow Gray Catbird Green June Beetle    

Durham, NC  7/24/14

Rice Stink Bug Dog-day Cicadas Running crab spider Young Eastern Phoebe Ground beetle larva

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/23/14

Horse fly (probably Tabanus abdominalis), up close. It was unable to fly, but did move around. The same horse fly Eastern Phoebe Moth Grass flowers

Durham, NC  7/22/14

Cabbage White, dorsal view (in flight)        

Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/18/14

Freshly molted leafhopper        

River Park North, Greenville, Pitt County, NC  7/18/14

Variegated Fritillary Sharpshooter (Oncometopia orbona) Sleepy Orange Seed bug (Pachygronthidae family) Bee (Triepeolus concavus)

Hibiscus laevis Double-crested Cormorant Red-spotted Purple Leather Flowers  

Goose Creek State Park, Beaufort County, NC  7/18/14

Teneral Great Blue Skimmer Male Eastern Pondhawk Chipping Sparrow Chipping Sparrow Palamedes Swallowtail

Horse fly (Tabanus genus)        

Pitt County Arboretum, Greenville, NC  7/17/14

Spicebush Swallowtail Flower fly Female Dun Skipper Sleepy Orange on Firewheel Leafcutter bee
Wasp (Campsomeris tolteca) Tachinid fly Fiery Skipper    

Estuarium, Washington, Beaufort County, NC  7/17/14

Bluegill Two other Bluegills Lotus flower Lotus flowers Yellowbelly Slider

Male Eastern Pondhawk, still with a little teneral green  Yellowbelly Slider taking a cool break on a lotus pad Another Yellowbelly Slider Waterfront  

Durham, NC  7/16/14

Robber fly with grasshopper prey Blue Dasher      

Durham, NC  7/15/14

Freshly molted bush cricket Ground beetle (Chlaenius tricolor or aestivus) with caterpillar prey      

Durham, NC  7/13/14

Robber fly A new adult treefrog (Hyla versicolor or chrysoscelis), about 10 mm long. Male Slaty Skimmer Leafhopper (Jikradia olitoria) Leafhopper (Graphocephala versuta) Least Skipper

Flat River Waterfowl Impoundment, Durham County, NC  7/12/14

Longhorn bee (Eucerini tribe) Common Buckeye on Chinese Lespedeza Halictid bee on Common Mullein Robber fly Wasp (Scolia nobilitata)

Silvery Checkerspot Pearl Crescent Another Pearl Crescent Spangled Skimmer Three weevils on Bitter Sneezeweed

Mating weevils with interloper Fungus weevil (Trigonorhinus limbatus). This one has capitate antennae.      

Durham, NC  7/11/14

Two-lined Froghopper        

Durham, NC  7/10/14

Jumping spider (Maevia inclemens) Velvet mite      

Jordan Lake Gameland, Chatham County, NC  7/8/14

Bee fly Beetle, and Giant Water Bug exuvia Same beetle, as discovered Blue Dasher Feather

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on buttonbush Dark Fishing Spider carrying spiderlings Male Eastern Amberwing Bumblebee on buttonbush Buttonbush

Giant Water Bug in shallow water Coconut-like fruit, retrieved from the lake Honeybee Long-jawed orb weaver Megachilid bee on buttonbush

Robber fly with bumblebee prey Same robber fly and bumblebee Shore bug (probably Pentacora ligata) Skipper on buttonbush Silver-spotted Skipper on buttonbush

Wasp Some water beetles Several water striders, apparently all nymphs Waterstrider nymphs  

Just a fraction of the many water striders found in the puddle that was mostly what was left of the pond usually there Slaty Skimmer Red-spotted Purple  

Durham, NC  7/6/14

Mating Dogbane Beetles        

Festival for the Eno, Durham, NC  7/5/14

Hackberry Emperor Nee Ningy Band Sand sculpting Same sand sculpting  

Musical instrument booth Frisbee dancer Same frisbee dancer Again the frisbee dancer Last frisbee dancer photo

Dancers at the River Stage Rescued Eastern Screech Owl Cloggers performing    

Durham, NC  7/4/14

Green June Beetle Acanaloniid planthopper nymph Teneral Common Whitetail Sharpshooter (Oncometopia orbona)  

Durham, NC  7/2/14

Acanalonid planthopper nymph Sprinkler rainbow      

Durham, NC 7/1/14

Painted Skimmer Male Widow Skimmer and (in background) Painted Skimmer American Goldfinch Deer Fly Inch-long mantis

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