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July 2012

Durham, NC  7/31/12

Spider (Argiope aurantia)        

Durham, NC  7/30/12

Male Great Blue Skimmer        

Durham, NC  7/29/12

Striped Lynx Spider        

Durham, NC  7/27/12

Jumping spider (Phidippus clarus) Drone Fly Recent metamorph Gray (Copes?) Treefrog, with a little green dorsal color remaining Ocola Skipper (Panoquina ocola)  

Netwinged Beetle Crab spider Wild grapes    

Durham, NC  7/26/12

A thread-legged bug, photographed at night        

Durham, NC  7/25/12

Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Red-headed Bush Cricket (Phyllopalpus pulchellus) Horse Nettle flowers Flattened Sycamore Tree flower  

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/24/12


Durham, NC  7/23/12

Rough Stink Bug nymph Male Fiery Skipper Clubtail Robber fly Robber fly

Wingstem (Verbesina alternifolia) Male Great Blue Skimmer Male Fiery Skipper    

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/22/12

Subadult Five-lined Skink Rove beetle Tall Ironweed    

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/20/12

Seed bug, Nysius genus, Orsillinae subfamily.  ID (genus tentative)thanks to Ken Wolgemuth. Appalachian Brown Bush cricket Cicada, probably moribund  

Abbott Lake, Peaks of Otter, Bedford County, VA  7/18/12

A flock of about 25 wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) came out of the woods to eat grass in a field near the lake dam.

One Wild Turkey, at one edge of the flock Another Wild Turkey at the other end, trading sentinel duty A part of the Wild Turkey flock    

Otter River environs, Peaks of Otter, Bedford County, VA  7/18/12

The Big Spring is a place where aquifer water comes up above ground, creating a creek which travels a short distance before merging with the Otter River, which flows from the Abbott Lake dam.  There are a few very small channels through which this water travels, along with some brightly colored pebbles.  The water coming through these channels swirls about, spraying the pebbles in all directions.  You can see how the pebbles contrast with the brown soil nearby.

The sign giving the historical background of the spring This is where water comes up from the underground aquifer, bringing with it small pebbles.  I "sharpened" these places using Adobe Photoshop CS5. For those with big screens, here's a bigger view of the same. Here's a close-up, showing the pebbles coming up with the swirling water.  

This is the creek created by the spring.  The aquifer water comes up at the far end of this creek. Part of the Otter River, a little downstream from the dam.  The bottom of the lake provides the river with a lot of red clay. Red-spotted Purple Red Admiral A Locust Leafminer Beetle working on a leaf.  Adults skeletonize leaves to some extent, but most damage is done by larvae.

Nature Trail (and various other spots), Peaks of Otter, Bedford County, VA  7/18/12

Springtail Scorpionfly Barn Swallow (back at the lodge) Hornet (Dolichovespula maculata) outdoors near the lake Male Pipevine Swallowtail in flight near the lake

Stag with growing antlers Tachinid fly Monarch on Swamp Milkweed at the lake Leafhopper (at the Visitor Center)  

Flat Top Mountain, Peaks of Otter, Bedford County  7/17/12

Mating netwing beetles Red Admiral at the side of my car The same Red Admiral at the side view mirror Caterpillar  

Columbine Fly Fungi Fungi  

Starry Campion (Silene stellata) Pale Jewelweed Indian Pipe Turk's Cap Lily Spirobolid millipede

White Snakeroot Bellflower family? Hairy Galinsoga (Galinsoga quadriradiata) Scorpionfly After about 6 miles of trudging up the side of this mountain on the long trail, seeing this sign was the reward.
Abbott Lake, Peaks of Otter, Bedford County, VA  7/17/12

Common Mullein, with a Toxomerus genus flower fly Green Frog Barn Swallow Tree Swallow The lodge, from across the lake

Male Ebony Jewelwing        

Johnson Farm, Peaks of Otter, Bedford County, VA  7/16/12

Male wedge-shaped beetle trying to mount female Male wedge-shaped beetle Cuckoo wasp Black Cohosh  

Male Sachem Turk's Cap Lily Tall Bellflower Fly  

Abbott Lake, Peaks of Otter, Bedford County, VA  7/16/12

Orange Sulphur Cabbage White Female Ebony Jewelwing Great Blue Heron Spotted Jewelweed

Monarch on Common Milkweed Silver-spotted Skipper Male Pipevine Swallowtail Widow Skimmer, maybe a recent metamorph male  

Grapevine Beetle (Pelidnota punctata) Locust Leafminer Beetle Silver-spotted Skipper White-tailed Deer fawn Male Eastern Amberwing

White-tailed Deer doe Female Sachem on Swamp Milkweed      

Durham, NC  7/15/12

Tachinid fly Same tachinid fly Male Common Whitetail Probably a male Phidippus clarus, with several filters applied  

Durham, NC  7/14/12

Male Eastern Amberwing on hop clover leaves        

Durham, NC  7/13/12

Orange Sulphur Basilica Spider      

Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, Wake County, NC  7/12/12

Flower fly (Eristalinus aeneus).  ID thanks to John F. Carr. Orange flower, with fly Pink flower Tiphiid wasp (Myzinum genus)  

North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, Wake County, NC  7/12/12

Green June Beetle Bumblebee sitting in flower      

Durham, NC  7/12/12

Basilica Spider Same Basilica Spider Bee (Lasioglossum genus)    

Durham, NC  7/10/12

Leaffooted bug nymph Picture-winged fly Tarnished Plant Bug Micrathena gracilis  

Variable Dancer Velvet ant Leafhopper Eastern Box Turtle Moth (Palthis genus).  ID thanks to Chris Mallory

Durham, NC  7/9/12

Long-legged fly (Condostylus genus) Hoverfly (Ocyptamus fuscipennis) Same hoverfly, landed Hackberry Emperor  

St. John's Wort Coreposes Wasp on Black-eyed Susan    

Durham, NC  7/8/12

Cellar Spider (Phlocus phalangiodes? certainly a member of Pholcidae).  I took some liberties with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and there were interesting results.        

Durham, NC  7/7/12

Crab spider Rabbit  

Durham, NC  7/6/12

Question Mark (dorsal view) Same Question Mark (ventral view)      

Durham, NC  7/5/12

Jumping spider (Hentzia mitrata) Subadult Five-lined Skink Ground beetle larva (maybe Chlaenius genus?) Tenative ID provided by Ken Wolgemuth. Probably a ground beetle larva, but maybe unidentifiable      

Silver-spotted Skipper        

Third Fork Creek Trail, Durham, NC  7/4/12

Bee fly (Lepidophora lepidocera) Same bee fly A green lacewing is carrying around this pile of "trash" for camouflage purposes Sharpshooter nymph (Oncometopia genus) Variegated Fritillary

Durham, NC  7/2/12

Elephant Mosquito on Rough Fleabane (Erigeron strigosus) Phaon Crescent? Red-banded Hairstreak Dogbane Beetle Buffalo Treehopper

Robber fly Sharpshooter (Oncometopia orbona) Japanese Beetles Leaf Moth

Wedge-shaped beetle Male Micrathena gracilis.  ID thanks to John and Jane Balaban. Rice Stink Bugs? mating Crab spider (Tmarus genus).  ID thanks to John and Jane Balaban.  

Male Bowl-and-doily Spider, ventral view Male Bowl-and-doily Spider, dorsal view Male Bowl-and-doily Spider, lateral view  

Durham, NC  7/1/12

Gray (Copes?) Treefrog (recent metamorph).  When they get older, the green camouflage goes away. Japanese Beetle Spotted Cucumber Beetle Sweat bee Least Skipper

Picture-winged fly Flower fly (Toxomerus genus) Subadult Eastern Phoebe Green June Beetle, scrambling over grass (before taking off) Bug

Conocephalus genus katydid Tiny beetle, about 1 mm long Chipping Sparrow Wildflowers at my local marsh  

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