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January 2011

Sandy Creek Park, Durham, NC  1/30/11

This was an unusually warm day, with highs in the mid-60s.  Dozens of adult Boxelder Bugs apparently overwintering inside the greenway sewer lines came out.  Small spiders were all out and about.

Boxelder Bug, beside trail Boxelder Bugs on top of manhole cover.  One seems to be going inside. View of the same Boxelder Bugs from above Probably Purple Deadnettle growing in crack of manhole cover  

One of the little spiders running around on the ground Turtle.  Photo by Karl Gottschalk Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Photo by Karl Gottschalk.  

Flat River Impoundment, Durham County, NC (Butner Gamelands)  1/29/11

A windy moment Another place, no wind More trees here Closeup  

The Flat River itself.  Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk Open area.  Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk A mini-pond.  Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk Wooded area.  Photo by Karl D. Gottschalk  

Swamp Milkweed seeds More Swamp Milkweed seeds Ring-billed Gull, flying very high above the ground with about 20 others    

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  1/28/11

I was hoping that these red objects found on the ground were the first flowers of spring, newly fallen out of trees, but inspection using the camera showed that they were fruit from an unknown tree or vine.

Small fruit, about 4 mm in diameter Seeds showing in another fruit      

Durham, NC  1/22/11

Yellow-rumped Warbler Carolina Wren White-breasted Nuthatch    

Yellow-rumped Warbler        

Lake Park, Carolina Beach, New Hanover County, NC  1/18/11

This day was cloudy and cloud cover was light in the afternoon.  The lake was partially drained, creating artificial mudflats that the birds took full advantage of.

Male Wood Duck in breeding plumage Juvenile Brown Pelican American Coot Killdeer in flight Killdeer


Male Mallard Female Mallard Male Northern Shoveler Female Northern Shoveler  
White Ibis, which has a muddy bill Lesser Yellowlegs, a very small bird.  Note that there are no black flank markings. Great Egret, on gazebo roof    

Carolina Beach State Park, New Hanover County, NC  1/18/11

Long-leaf Pines, Reindeer Moss, small Live Oaks and fallen branches, deep in the park        

Fort Fisher Basin Trail, New Hanover County, NC  1/17/11

The weather started out cloudy and rained most of the day.

Hooded Mergansers, on pond near Aquarium, with grass in foreground Duck (brown head) with eel (according to Ed Corey) prey.  Ed and Josh Southern agree that the duck is a female merganser. Turkey Vulture taking off from viewing platform    

Subadult White Ibis Snowy Egret at Battery Buchanan Mystery bird, may be Yellow-rumped Warbler (flashes of yellow)   Male Boat-tailed Grackle, in Battle Acre parking lot.

Lake Park, Carolina Beach, New Hanover County, NC  1/16/11

It was already getting cloudy.

Subadult Pied-billed Grebe Great Egret This might be a female Redhead.    

Fort Fisher Basin Trail, New Hanover County, NC  1/16/11

This was the only sunny day of the trip.

Cape Fear River mudflats, seen from near end of the Basin Trail Dunlins on the mudflats (ID thanks to Dave Lenat).  One of many flies seen on washed-up seaweed on the beach    

White Ibis White Ibises White Pelican, seen at the Aquarium pond from a great distance   Male Hooded Merganser, at the Aquarium pond

Durham, NC  1/10/11

Female Purple Finch Brown Thrasher Male House Finch Yellow-rumped Warbler  

Pine Siskins and American Goldfinch Female or immature Purple Finch    

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  1/6/10

White-throated Sparrows        

Durham, NC  1/5/10

Pine Siskin Pine Siskin White-breasted Nuthatch    

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