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February 2015

Durham, NC  2/26/15

From a nine-photo stitch  

Durham, NC  2/25/15

Northern Mockingbird        

Durham, NC  2/19/15

Male Northern Cardinal Female Northern Cardinal View of snowy yard; composite of 8 photos, but reduced to a little less than 3 MB.    

Durham, NC  2/14/15

Hermit Thrush        

Durham, NC  2/12/15

Jumping spider        

Durham, NC  2/9/15

Aphid Feral cat Downy Woodpecker Red Maple flowers  

Durham, NC  2/7/15

Red-shouldered Hawk White-throated Sparrow Black Vulture Another Black Vulture, with opossum prey  

Durham, NC  2/6/15

Golden-crowned Kinglet        

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