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Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats


February 2008

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Durham, NC   2/20/08

Probably a katydid nymph, less than 1 mm long.  It showed up on a plastic watering can.

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, NC  2/19/08

Northern Cricket Frog

Durham, NC  2/18/08

Northern Cricket Frog, very tiny, on edge of mini-swamp in power line cut Yellow Ant, with a red parasite egg on its right hind leg      

Durham, NC  2/16/08

Wolf Spider These two little green insects were among about 100 others on water in a drainage ditch, less than 1 mm long.

Durham, NC   Feb. 8-10

All of these insects showed up under a pile of leaves I had raked and was removing.

Spirobolid millipede, about 30 mm long Possibly a newly molted cockroach nymph, about 3 mm long Mystery arthropod, about 1 mm long Immature barklouse, maybe a booklouse.  Both were 1-2 mm long. Another immature barklouse

Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, Durham County, NC   2/9/08

Question Mark.  Part of the right hind wing is hidden in shadow. Blowfly Soldier Fly  

Durham, NC   2/9/08

These tiny animals turned up under leaf litter that I raked away.  Please let me know if you can provide any ID info!

This 1-mm-long hexopod might be a Springtail.  It frequently took very big leaps and resumed walking very fast.  NOTE: The pink and purple is a function of the evening (6:04 PM) light this photo was taken in. This mysterious arthropod was also about 1 mm long, seemed be a tiny spider at first glance but it doesn't seem to have a distinct cephalothorax and the legs seem too transparent. This worm-like animal didn't seem to have any legs.  It was about 8 mm long.  It had a tiny black head (at top, left) and was partially transparent.  

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