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August 2015

Jordan Lake, Chatham County, NC  8/30/15

Cloudless Sulphur Spicebush Swallowtail Sleepy Orange Female Sachem Silver-spotted Skipper

Teneral Blue Dasher Female Great Blue Skimmer Three male Great Blue Skimmers Eastern Amberwing. Sex hard to determine because half of each wing was transparent. Possibly a Black Saddlebags, was nearly always flying.

Bee on Common Buttonbush blossom Female Eastern Tailed-Blue on Chinese Lespedeza Dorsal view of Cloudless Sulphur on Wild Potato Vine Female Fiery Skipper What happens to old feathers. This ground was underwater earlier this year.

Monarch Transitional male Eastern Pondhawk Moth Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Toad bug Toad bug, showing important details Toad bug Virginia Hoverfly Same Virginia Hoverfly

Waterpods (Hydrolea quadrivalvis) common in the formerly adjoining pond. ID thanks to Su Kim. Wolf spider with egg sac Great Egret flying More Great Egrets View of the mudflats

Durham, NC  8/30/15

Chinese Lespedeza        

Durham, NC  8/28/15

Jumping spider        

Durham, NC  8/26/15

Young Five-lined Skink Bowl-and-doily Spider Caterpillars (maybe Datana angusii) Bowl-and-doily Spider  

Appalachian Brown Tree Stink Bug Male Sachem    

Sandy Creek Park, Durham, NC  8/25/15

Appalachian Brown Green Heron Sleepy Orange Wolf spider Little Wood Satyr

Carolina Dayflower Leafhopper Unusually pink ironweed    

Durham, NC  8/24/15

Male Zabulon Skipper Triangulate Orb Weaver Scaly cricket Ragweed Flower Moth (Schinia rivulosa).  Genus ID thanks to Aaron Hunt, species ID thanks to Tony Leukering Caterpillar      

Durham, NC  8/22/15

Planthopper (Rhynchomitra microrhina)        

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  8/21/15

Sand wasp (Bicyrtes quadrifasciatus), pausing from trying to dig a hole in the clay trail. It tried to dig several holes while I watched, but apparently found the clay too hard. Same sand wasp, standing back from hole Same sand wasp, digging Trailing Wild Bean (Strophostyles helvula)  

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Silver-spotted Skipper Green Anole Clouded Skipper Horace's Duskywing Silver-spotted Skipper

Goldenseal Monkshood Water Lily Cardinal Flower Main garden    


Boone, Watauga County, NC  8/18/15

Fiery Skipper Orange Sulphur Chicory flowers, one white, of a plant mowed down although some five years ago this plant was allowed to grow.

Daniel Boone Gardens, Boone, NC  8/17/15

Cabbage White Dogbane Beetle Great Spangled Fritillary Leafcutter bee Wild Onion

Peck's Skipper Another Peck's Skipper Yet another Peck's Skipper Wasp on aster Brown stink bug

Tanawha Trail (Milepost 304), NC  8/17/15

Stink bug nymph (actually on the Blue Ridge Parkway nearby) Scorpion fly Planthopper Pink Turtlehead buds Pale Jewelweed

Bumblebee (Bombus vagans or sandersoni) Magnolia seedhead Crane fly Scorpion fly Eastern Tiger Swallowtails

Boone, Watauga County, NC  8/16/15

Ailanthus Webworm Moth American Groundnut Asian Multicolored Ladybug Crab spider on coneflower Ebony bugs on goldenrod

Locust Borer Beetle Male orb weaver Silver-spotted Skipper Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and bee on thistle Blowfly

Tachinid fly Same tachinid fly Scarlet bee balm Snout moth Tachinid fly

Jordan  Lake Game Land, Chatham County, NC  8/15/15

An unusually brown Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and two others on Common Buttonbush Other Eastern Tiger Swallowtails on the same bush Pipevine Swallowtail sampling the minerals in the clay soil A Little Glassywing skipper on Common Buttonbush Little Glassywing skipper

Morning glories: Wild Potato Vine (Ipomoea pandurata) Horace's Duskywing Two long-legged flies attacking a mystery larva Eighteen millipedes!  

Red-spotted Purple seeking tree sap? Wolf spider with egg sac Osprey carrying fish A view of the mudflats looking east A view of the mudflats looking west

Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve, Southern Pines, Moore County, NC  8/13/15

Butterfly Pea Spurred Butterfly Pea Tiny beetle Filmy Dome Spider St. Andrew's Cross

Water strider Long-leaf Pines      

Southern Pines, Moore County, NC  8/12/15

Fiery Skipper on Lantana Sleepy Orange Flowers Eastern Tiger Swallowtail  

Jordan Lake Dam, Chatham County, NC  8/12/15

Female Widow Skimmer Teneral male Widow Skimmer Female Blue-fronted Dancer (Argia apicalis) Male Blue-fronted Dancer (Argia apicalis) Male Fiery Skipper

Common Buckeye Great Blue Heron, next to spillway A cooling tower of the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, seen from the Jordan Lake Dam Visitor Center    

Durham, NC  8/10/15

Recent metamorph (Copes' ?) Gray Treefrog Green Treefrog Ocola Skipper Tiny moth Wasp

Planthopper (Rhonchomitra genus) Recent metamorph (Copes' ?) Gray Treefrog Soldier fly (Sargus fasciatus). ID thanks to Norm Woodley.  Because of a bug in Dreamweaver, the thumbnail cannot be displayed.  

Durham, NC  8/9/15

Pearl Crescent Eastern Bluebird American Robin Slaty Skimmer Female Great Blue Skimmer

Durham, NC  8/8/15

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Female Great Blue Skimmer Recent metamorph(Copes' ?) Gray Treefrog Chinese Mantis Same Chinese Mantis

Male Zabulon Skipper Female Zabulon Skipper Wasp Black form female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Tree Stink Bug nymph

Sleepy Orange Least Skipper Potter Wasp (Eumenes fraternus)    

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  8/6/15

American Lady American Lady Assassin bug (Pselliopus cinctus) nymph on Marsh Fleabane with hopper prey Hoary Edge Skipper Swarthy Skipper

Black form female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Another black form female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Black form female and yellow form Eastern tiger Swallowtails, with a tiny Ailanthus Webworm Moth and a female Sachem Silver-spotted Skipper One Eastern Tiger Swallowtail trying to take over a flower from another

Ocola Skipper Leafcutter bee Pearl Crescent The same Pearl Crescent, on a fresh flower (Common Wild Quinine) Silver Spotted Skipper attacked by a robber fly

Durham, NC 8/2/15

Planthopper (Rhynchomitra microrhina)        

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  8/2/15

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail On Joe Pye Weed Another Eastern Tiger Swallowtail with a hind wing piece missing Another Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Yet another Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Pine Lily (Lilium catesbaei)

Molting Northern Cardinal Same Northern Cardinal Same Northern Cardinal Little Glassywing Meadow beauty

Planthopper (Rhynchomitra microrhina), seen in a dark, secluded corner of the garden Red-headed Bush Cricket Silver-spotted Skipper on Heartleaf Pickerelweed Spicebush Swallowtail Small Bigleaf Magnolia

Pearl Crescent on Black-eyed Susan Pearl Crescent on another Black-eyed Susan Female Great Blue Skimmer    

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  8/2/15

Zabulon Skipper Recent metamorph(Copes' ?) Gray Treefrog Red Admiral Sleepy Orange Cardinal Flower


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