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August 2010

Tanawha Trail (Mileposts 302-303), Avery County, NC  8/31/10

Flower fly (Spilmyia fusca), relatively large, buzzing loudly.  The species is common in the Northeast. Grandfather Mountain Mountain Ash    

Linn Cove Viaduct Silvery Checkerspot Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (black form) Scorpion fly    


Pipevine Swallowtail Female Pipevine Swallowtail (dorsal view) Umbrella Leaf, the only one seen on this trip.  

Virginia Hover Fly        

Boone Green Way, NC  8/30/10

Orange Sulphur Cabbage White Sleepy Orange    

Japanese Beetle Everlasting Pea Flowers      

Boone (in town), NC  8/30/10

Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) on Butterfly Bush        

Durham, NC  8/29/10

Red-spotted Purple        

Carolina Butterfly Society Symposium, Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh, NC  8/28/10

American Snout, found thanks to an alert member of our party (please tell me your name!) Ailanthus Webworm Moth Checkered skipper on a Firewheel Click beetle larva, resting on algae in a small pool  

Cloudless Sulphur Common Buckeye Gray Hairstreak Horace's Duskywing  


5th instar Monarch caterpillar Monarch Pipevine Swallowtail Tachinid Fly Tiger Moth, held by Brian Bockhahn, who also found it and called it to our attention.

Tiger Moth Yucca Plant Bug Turk's Cap Mallow Snowberry Clearwing Moth  

Eno River State Park (Old Cole Mill Road), Durham & Orange Counties, NC  8/27/10

Gemmed Satyr, caught in a spider web.  It broke free several seconds later. Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly Pea (Clitoria mariana) Sweet Everlasting (Gnaphalium obtusifolium), with three-part passionvine leaf (on right)  

Female Summer Tanager (Piranga rubra).  ID thanks to Kent Fiala. Same Summer Tanager Another view of the same Summer Tanager.  Note the small red patches.  


Male Zabulon Skipper Micrathena gracilis Nursery Web Spider          


Wingstem Sweet Everlasting (Gnaphalium obtusifolium)      

Durham, NC  8/26/10

Southern Broken-dash on chive flowers Female Sachem: dorsal wing view Female Sachem: ventral wing view    

Durham, NC  8/25/10

Taken at my local marsh

Spotted Ladybug Beetle (Coleomegilla maculata), with what seem to be eggs. Gray (Copes?) Treefrog Tiny fly, about 1 mm long, on Abelia    

Durham, NC  8/24/10

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, which I discovered on my doormat late at night        

Durham, NC  8/23/10

Fiery Skipper Jumping spider (Platycryptus undatus) Female Sachem Robber fly  

Scarab beetle grub, crawling on its back in the street. Female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Squash vine, which later produced fruit.  Not technically a wildflower in this part of the country, but not on private property at the time.    

Durham, NC  8/21/10

Muscadine grapes        

Durham, NC  8/20/10

American Lady.  See the Butterfly Index. Brown Bullhead Catfish (Ameiurus nebulosus).  See other fish.  Bullhead ID thanks to Alex Netherton. Almost mature male Great Blue Skimmer.  See other dragonflies.    

Silver-spotted Skipper Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Female black form Eastern Tiger Swallowtail    

Groundnut (Apios americana) with leafcutter bee.  Note how there is a structure for the bee to rest on. Groundnut (Apios americana).  See other wildflowers. Viceroy Smartweed  

Durham, NC  8/18/10

Spiderling, about 1 mm long, on its own on the ground (turned up by watering can)        

Durham, NC  8/17/10

Leafhopper (Ponana punticollis, Gyponinae subfamily), about 10 mm long.  Photo taken at night.        

August 15 was the day of the North American Butterfly Society (NABA) annual butterfly count for Durham County, NC.  Randy Emmitt was our group leader, taking us to locations that he had previously determined had abundant butterfly populations.  Meg Millard and Glashia O'Rourke were the other members of the group.  See more butterfly photos from this count at Randy and Meg's Garden Paradise: Counting Butterflies.

Rural North Durham County, NC  8/15/10

Little Yellow, at roadside, flushed out by Randy Emmitt Southern Broken-dash, on Swamp Milkweed at roadside Sachem on Common Sneezeweed (Helenium Autumnale) Common Buckeye  

Black Swallowtail caterpillar, one of 38 that Randy and  Meg had raised. Immature Five-lined Skink.  See other lizards. Rose Gentians Agreeable Tiger Moth (Spilosoma congrua) caterpillar, found by Meg on the ground on their street. ID thanks to John and Jane Balaban. Mason Wasp (Euodynerus schwarzi)

Flat River Impoundment, Durham, NC  8/15/10

Silvery Checkerspot Dun Skipper (on Common Sneezeweed), discovered and IDed by Randy Emmitt Crab spider Clouded Skipper Orange Sulphur, the only one I saw

Silvery Checkerspot Zebra Swallowtail Question Mark Mating Silvery Checkerspots  


Red Admiral Passionflower, one of about 10  Sleepy Orange Jumping spider (Phidippus clarus)  

Common Sootywing, discovered and IDed by Randy Emmitt Question Mark Leaffooted Bug Obedient Plants Mating Variegated Fritillaries


Mating picture-winged flies (Tritoxa genus) Bomber Fly (Heterostylum robustum) Cloudless Sulphur Carolina Dayflower, near the Flat River Swamp Milkweed (Ascepias incarnata), Flat River Impoundment, Durham, NC, 8/15/10

Exposed Bird Dropping Moth (Tarache aprica), on a pokeweed stem A crambid snout moth (Epipagis huronalis).  ID thanks to Maury J. Heiman.      

Durham, NC  8/14/10

Black Wedge-spot (Homophoberia apricosa) Oval-based Prominent (Peridea basitriens)      

Durham, NC  8/13/10

Spotted Cucumber Beetle        

Durham, NC  8/12/10

Immature Great Blue Skimmer        

Durham, NC  8/11/10

Cicada nymph, most likely a Southern Dog-day Cicada.  You can see wing pads on its side.  See other hoppers. Gray (Copes?) Treefrog, which came to a rain collection container, here shown after a swim in the water in it. Winged carpenter ant    

Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, Durham, NC  8/8/10

Hackberry Emperor Sleepy Orange Pearl Crescent Eastern Tiger Swallowtail An aster (maybe a Jerusalem artichoke?) attracting many Eastern Tiger Swallowtails

Common Wood Nymph Carolina Satyr, dorsal view Clouded Skipper Delta Flower Beetle Blue-ringed Dancer.  See other damselflies.


Cicada nymph exuvia Small Milkweed Bug Pearl Crescent Female Halloween Pennant    

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  8/7/10

Northern Pearly Eye        

Durham, NC  8/6/10

Large mosquito Same species of large mosquito Diamond-backed Froghopper Male Eastern Amberwing  

Durham, NC  8/4/10

All of these photos were taken at night.

Luna Moth Antenna of Luna Moth Southern Dog-day Cicada    

Durham, NC  8/3/10

Corn Earworm (Helicoverpa zea) Brown Stink Bug.  Note the missing protonotal spine. Chinch Bug, about 2 mm long, on cattail. They were abundant at the marsh this day. Immature Great Blue Skimmer  

Female Eastern Amberwing Snout moth, maybe Crambus genus Lespedeza sericea or Chinese lespedeza    

Durham, NC  8/2/10

True Katydid, complete with very long antennae        

Copyright © 2010 by Dorothy E. Pugh.  All rights reserved.  Please contact for rights to use photos.

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