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April 2015

Durham, NC  4/30/15

Painted Skimmer Ashy Clubtail Question Mark    

Durham, NC  4/29/15

Male Zabulon Skipper Male Eastern Tailed-Blue Flower fly (Toxomerus genus) on Blue-eyed Grass Carpenter Bee Stink bug (Menecletes insertus)

Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, Durham County, NC  4/28/15

Bee fly, hovering over a Winged Elm seed covering Golden-backed Snipe Fly Carolina Satyr Teneral Blue Corporal Male Blue Corporal

Mystery fly, maybe a snipe fly Spider, something like the Castaneira genus      

Durham, NC  4/28/15

Teneral Eastern Pondhawk Five-lined Skink Crab spider (Xysticus genus) Wolf spider  

Duke Gardens, Durham, NC  4/27/15

Mallard ducklings Another view of the ducklings Yet another view, with two of the Mallard ducklings sticking their feet out Mallard drake Northern Pintail Duck with Barnacle Goose and another in the background
Turtle Another turtle Mating turtles, with pine pollen Turtle Carp  

Durham, NC  4/24/15

Fish Crow Mating Pearl Crescents Pearl Crescent Same Pearl Crescent Same Pearl Crescent  

Durham, NC  4/23/15

American Lady Caterpillar Hunter with prey Three Caterpillar Hunter beetles, one with prey A tiny jumping spider (about 5 mm long) Leafhopper

North Carolina Botanical Garden, Orange County, NC  4/23/15

Bee (Nomada genus) Bee Pink Wood-Sorrel Hoary Puccoon (Lithospermum canescens)  

Durham, NC  4/22/15

Caterpillar hunter beetle (Calosoma scrutata) Juvenal's Duskywing Eyed Click Beetle    

Durham, NC  4/21/15

Caterpillar Hunter (Calosoma scrutator) Jumping spider (Phidippus otiosus) Sleeping Eastern Tailed-Blue, one of dozens in a grassy area at around 7:30 pm Another Eastern Tailed-Blue Fly

Ocracoke, Hyde County, NC  4/19/15 (shortly before dawn)

Squirrel Treefrog? This one was much bigger than the one on the right.  But this is a very variable species. Squirrel Treefrog.  ID thanks to Randy Emmitt. Feral cat.  Actually seen on 4/18, but put here for convenience.    

Ocracoke, Hyde County, NC  4/18/15

Willet Sanderlings and a gull Sanderlings Ghost Crab  

Springer's Point Nature Preserve, Ocracoke, Hyde County, NC  4/17/15

Great Crested Flycatcher Snake      

Ocracoke, Hyde County, NC  4/17/15

Palamedes Swallowtail American Oystercatchers Horned Grebes    

Grackle reacting to cat Feral cat eating grass Crane flies mating

Ocracoke, Hyde County, NC  4/15/15

Sixteen Mallard ducklings Karl at Herons Landing Female Rambur's Forktail, seen at Nature Trail outside of town Two Green Anoles apparently battling for territory; one was biting the other. Green Anole      

Tiny caterpillar, seen at Nature Trail Male Red-winged Blackbird      

Ocracoke, Hyde County, NC  4/14/15

Male House Sparrow American Mink (Neovison vison) Same mink Same mink Same mink

White Ibis Shield-backed bug Mallards Green Heron Eurasian Collared Dove

Ocracoke, Hyde County, NC  4/13/15

Blue-eyed Grass Common Shore Tiger Beetle Cormorants and Royal Terns Willet  

Pamlico Sound, NC  4/12/15

Herring Gull Juvenile Herring Gull Juvie Herring Gulls Adult and juvenile Herring Gulls with a Laughing Gull A Laughing Gull leads two juvenile Herring Gulls.

Swan Quarter, NC  4/12/15

Barn Swallow Killdeer White Ibises Barn Swallow  

Durham, NC  4/11/15

Eastern Tailed-Blue, with puzzling coloring: male or female? March fly Teneral Blue Corporal Common Vetch Sweat bee?

Durham, NC  4/8/15

Blueberry flowers Eastern Tailed-Blue Same (male) Eastern tailed-blue Thick-jawed Orb Weaver (Pachygnatha genus)  

Durham, NC  4/3/15

Eastern Hop-hornbeam catkins (male)        

Durham, NC  4/2/15

Green Six-spotted Tiger Beetle Red Maple seeds Scarab beetle (Hoplia trivialis)    

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