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Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats


April 2008

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Durham, NC  4/29/08

Leaffooted Bug  

Durham, NC  4/27/08 (wee hours)

Oak Timberworm(Arrhenodes minutus), a type of straight-snouted weevil .   It was about 18 mm long.  ID thanks to John and Jane Balaban.  See more information at the Forest Pests Oak Timberworm Page.  Eric Eaton identified it as male, i.e., pincers rather than long weevily snout. This beetle was about 5 mm long.  

Durham, NC  4/25/08

Brown Stink Bug (note: this thumbnail was rotated 90° by the software, not by me!) Rice Stink Bug Crab Spider (Xysticus?) (note: this thumbnail was rotated 90° by the software, not by me!) White-lined Burrower Bug  

Carpenter Ant  with aphids  (note: this thumbnail was rotated 90° by the software, not by me!)        

Durham, NC  4/24/08

Metallic Wood Borer (Chalcophora virginiensis).  There were several of these large beetles flying around, and one landed on me when I finished photographing it. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Billbugs, mating.  The lesser of the two weevils is the male.

Durham, NC  4/23/08

Blister Beetle (Lytta aenea) Flat bug, probably Aradus genus (see Aradus photo, Cedar Creek Natural History Area website. Thanks to John R. Maxwell for family ID. Snail Bowl and Doily Spider

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  4/18/08

Eastern Tailed Blue Pearl Crescent Pearl Crescent, quite difference in appearance Probably male Juvenal's Duskywing  

Durham, NC  4/17/08

Longhorn beetle (Phymatodes amoenus) Mystery insect:  very tiny

Durham, NC  4/18/08

Some winged termites came out of the ground to mate.  The females shed their wings one by one so that males could access them.

Winged termites about to mate The termites were emerging from underground here. This termite has shed one wing.  Doing so took some effort, involving quite a bit of wiggling around on the ground.    

Durham, NC  4/16/08

White-tailed Deer Eastern Tailed Blue

Durham, NC  4/13/08

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth Mallard family Male Mallard  


Slider Painted Turtle

Durham, NC   4/12/08

  Menecles insertus stink bug nymph

Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, Durham County, NC  4/11/08

Female Falcate Orangetip Male and female Falcate Orangetips, engaged in courtship ritual      


Two Green Six-spotted Tiger Beetles Probably a Juvenal's Duskywing Field Cricket    

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC   4/10/08

This Ashy Clubtail, which has a deformed hind wing, closed its wings like a butterfly.         


Maybe a blister beetle Assassin bug of unknown genus and species Large Bee Fly Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail    

Durham, NC  4/9/08

Mystery ground beetle Northern Cricket Frog

Durham, NC  4/8/08

Lightning bug beetle Short-tailed ichneumon wasp

Durham, NC  4/2/08

Asian Multi-colored Ladybug Beetle Inchworm  


Copyright © 2008 by Dorothy Pugh

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