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Insect Antennae Types

Aristate antennae

Close-up of a flower fly's aristate antennae: note the hairlike projection coming out of the right antenna.  

Lamellate antennae

Delta Flower Beetle  (Trigonopeltastes delta), Durham, NC, 7/8/08.  It has lamellate antennae.

Serrate antennae

Brown Prionid (Orthosoma brunneum, Prionini tribe), Durham, NC, 7/7/08.  It has serrate antennae. There are four net-winged beetles (Calopteron reticulatum) here.  They have serrate antennae.  Durham, NC, 7/1/08 Longhorn beetle (Parelaphidion aspersum), Durham, NC, 5/22/09.           

Plumose antennae

Glowworm beetle (possibly Phengodes fuscipes), Haw River State Park, Guilford & Rockingham Counties, NC, 5/31/08.  An example of plumose antennae.          

Moniliform Antennae

Yellow-margined Leaf Beetle (Microtheca ochroloma), Durham, NC, 9/23/09. This beetle has monoliform antennae.


Planthopper (Criomorphus genus), Durham, NC, 10/14/21 Assassin bug (Pselliopus cinctus), Durham, NC, 10/14/21          


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