Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats

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Aerial Photos

Downtown Minneapolis, MN  11/15/09

Downtown Minneapolis, with the Minnesota Twins Ballpark on the right.  Note the two large lakes in the background.  Photo by Paul Leskovac, lead project architect for the newly built ballpark. A closer view of the Twins Ballpark shown on the left.  This shows where Leskovac spotted a Giant Water Bug,  about 90 feet off the ground, and where it flew (shown with red arrows).  Leskovac took this photo too on 11/15/09.  

Chicago, Cook County, IL  9/10/14


Miami, Dade County, FL  10/27/08

Miami and Miami Beach Miami downtown Miami neighborhood    

Miami offshore  

Close-up View of Hurricane Katrina Surge

Photo taken by student at St. Stanislaus College in Bay St. Louis, MS.  Rights to this photo belong to St. Stanislaus.